[plug] X11 question -

Peter Wright pete at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Wed Apr 19 11:17:31 WST 2000

Hi all,

Quick problem description (hopefully not an FAQ (well, I looked
through the Xwindows FAQ and it wasn't much help :-():

I'm developing a GUI application on XFree86 on Linux (using Qt, if
you're interested). I'm using a 1024x768, 16bit colourdepth X
display, started from "startx". However, I'd like to be able to test
out the app on a lower resolution (800x600 to be specific) without
closing down my current X session - so I'd like to start up another
display just for the purpose of testing this app.

Now I'm fairly sure that there is a way to start up another X display
with a different resolution, but in this case there is a caveat - I'd
like it to default to 800x600 straightaway, not have to use
control-alt +/- to change resolutions (the reason for this is that my
keyboard can't do a number-keypad +/-, but I'd also like to be able to
go straight to 800x600 just for neatness :).

So I'm hoping to be able to do something along the lines of

$ startx  -display :0.1   -resolution 800x600

(I know the options won't be right, I'm just trying to get the idea

Does anyone have any idea if this can be done, and how to do it?

Thanks for any help,


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