[plug] <NEWBIE> - Passwd and Group

Earnshaw, Mike earnshawm at wa.switch.aust.com
Thu Apr 20 14:16:37 WST 2000


Up until now i have not had to worry about groups on my linux box, things
have now changed. Would someone mind correcting me if I have this incorrect?


First rwx is ownner, second is group, third is everyone.
In /etc/passwd:   <user>:x-password:userid:groupid: ......

Q1: Can I have more than one group listed in the passwd file? i.e.
<user>:x:123:678:679 where 123 is the userid and 678, 679 are groupid's

We now have two admin people, so I created a group (office_admin), assigned
that as the group owner of a directory. But one of the office_admin users
should also be a member of a different group, which does not have access to
the office_admin directory. Am I just running round in circles?


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