[plug] Setting up...

John Breen jbreen at wn.com.au
Sun Apr 23 12:14:45 WST 2000

Ok, I have a bunch of problems with my nice new Linux (Debian) box,
which I hope someone will be good enough to help me with.

1.  The network card kills serial ports.  I have a 3Cem Etherlink III
(3c509) ISA card.  It's jumperless and when I plug it in, my serial
ports just die.  Suddenly, when I put it in, I can't get to my modem,
so wvdial just s***s itself - so no mail.... :(  I have (temporarily)
put wingate on my windows PC, and am proxying the net connections,
but that's obviously not an ideal solution.  The mouse also goes the
same way, which makes X pretty damn useless.  I got the 3c509 setup
and diagnostics programs off the net, and tried changing settings for
the card, but doesn't seem to have worked.  I had similar problems
with RH 6.1 with the same card.

2.  Mail transport.  I'm using my Linux box to read mail (as would
any reasonable person...)  I want to put on an SMTP relay that waits
to send mail out until I check my mail with a cron job at midnight. 
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Ummm... that's probably it for now.  Happy easter everyone, and
thanks in advance.


John Breen

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