[plug] dcc via ip-masq

Scott, Simon Simon.Scott at SEALCORP.com.au
Wed Apr 26 16:32:39 WST 2000

Hi all

I have a setup at home that includes

	* a 486 running RH 6.1 that acts as a file/print server as well as
performing IP-Masquerading
	* 2 windows boxes
	* my linux desktop
	* a dos box (c64 cross-assembler, star commander, 1541)
	* a pentium laptop running RH 6.1

Anyway, since setting it up we couldnt dcc when on irc... I was thinking
that it must be the IP-Masqing's fault (missing module?) as I couldnt dcc
from kvirc, and my brother couldnt dcc from mirc. Anyway, Ive also set up a
vt320 terminal on my desktop machine (connected via serial) and am using
ircii... and, viola! dcc works 100%... but my brother still cant dcc... I
havent tried XChat yet

Any ideas as to why dcc would stop working in this setup even tho it works
in ircii on linux?

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