[plug] dcc via ip-masq

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Wed Apr 26 18:28:19 WST 2000

"Scott, Simon" wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a setup at home that includes
>         * a 486 running RH 6.1 that acts as a file/print server as well as
> performing IP-Masquerading
>         * 2 windows boxes
>         * my linux desktop
>         * a dos box (c64 cross-assembler, star commander, 1541)
>         * a pentium laptop running RH 6.1
> Anyway, since setting it up we couldnt dcc when on irc... I was thinking
> that it must be the IP-Masqing's fault (missing module?) as I couldnt dcc
> from kvirc, and my brother couldnt dcc from mirc. Anyway, Ive also set up a
> vt320 terminal on my desktop machine (connected via serial) and am using
> ircii... and, viola! dcc works 100%... but my brother still cant dcc... I
> havent tried XChat yet
> Any ideas as to why dcc would stop working in this setup even tho it works
> in ircii on linux?

No, but you can try putting socks5 on the masq box and working through
that (works well with ICQ) if the IRC clients in question support SOCKS

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