[plug] Shameless plug <sigh> 60KVA UPS

Beau Kuiper kuiperba at cs.curtin.edu.au
Fri Apr 28 00:22:44 WST 2000

haha, I am tring to imagine moving that thing without a crane :-) The
mini-tower sized UPS I use at work is 60Kilos. This monster must be at
least 200-300 kilos given a rough, conservative estamate. It would
probably fall through a wooden floor. It would also make one hell of a
mess if you managed to drop it on your feet.

Beau Kuiper
kuiperba at cs.curtin.edu.au

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Mike from West Australia wrote:

> Hi chaps,
> Sorry to burden you, need to sell a 60KVA UPS, single/three phase
> with battery cabinet, replacement is $26K without cabinet and I
> am asking $12K with cabinet, located in Perth (Osb Pk). Suit an
> ISP, security firm, small business that must have continuous power etc.
> Unit made by Fiskars, serviced nationally by Holec Pty Ltd, UPS
> size of chest freezer, battery cabinet size of diahatsu sharade.
> Rgds ~`:o)
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> theory, this is called Engineering - for most people another form of magic.

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