[plug] Shameless plug <sigh> 60KVA UPS

Mike from West Australia erazmus at wantree.com.au
Fri Apr 28 02:22:54 WST 2000

At 12:22 AM 28/4/2000 +0800, you wrote:
>haha, I am tring to imagine moving that thing without a crane :-) The
>mini-tower sized UPS I use at work is 60Kilos. This monster must be at
>least 200-300 kilos given a rough, conservative estamate. It would
>probably fall through a wooden floor. It would also make one hell of a
>mess if you managed to drop it on your feet.

<hrrm> Thats why the battery cabinet is separate... Can also move on
rollers and the UPS is on castors as well :)

Actually the whole lot weighs less then my GF's waterbed and she's
on the 3rd floor of an apartment. The waterbed is about 1 tonne
when filled up - its one of those large american types ;)

Seriously, the cabinet and UPS weight less then a lift full of people,

Rgds ~`:o)

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