[plug] S3 Trio3D AGP

Christian christian at amnet.net.au
Fri Apr 28 13:00:18 WST 2000

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 09:40:29AM +0800, Larry O'Reilly wrote:
> I choose the latter after finding it on a recent (? latest) PC World mag
> 2CD pack. Got the tarballs, read the readme's and followed instructions
> which were straightforward. I now have an X server.

I will probably try XFree86 4.0 when Debian release some packages for

> If the Xserver startx and gives a blank screen (presumably with a X curser
> somewhere then it maybe that a window manager is not loaded. This happened
> to me  once and I concluded that initrc or something like that wasn't read.
> Didn't follow it up.

It definitely loads a window manager correct -- I can see this with
another card.  Also, if no window manager (or other program) can be
executed then X will typically exit.

In the end I got another card (SiS 6326) which works ok although not
fantastically.  The main problem is that it only does 8 and 24 bit colour
which means I get the common problem where Netscape's pixmaps don't show
up correctly (a problem with libxpm for memory).  I don't remember
hearing a solution to this but if anyone knows of one then please let me
know (in the meantime I'm using Mozilla which isn't bad for basic



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