[plug] S3 Trio3D AGP

Larry O'Reilly lor at ecoli.microbiol.uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 28 09:40:29 WST 2000

At 12:30 PM +0800 26/4/00, Christian wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience getting an S3 Trio 3D AGP card to work
>under XFree86 (3.3.6)?  According to all the docs it *should* work fine
>but it just doesn't: the X server starts and apparently runs fine but
>won't display anything beyond a blank screen.  At this stage I'm
>thinking of trying the framebuffer device (which I've seen some
>indication may work with this card based on posts to various mailing
>lists) but I don't really understand why the card doesn't work with the
>standard XF86 SVGA server.
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have been trying this for weeks with no success and came to the
conclusion that I would buy another card or try XFree86 v4.0.

I choose the latter after finding it on a recent (? latest) PC World mag
2CD pack. Got the tarballs, read the readme's and followed instructions
which were straightforward. I now have an X server.

To get the  X server config file I used "xf86config" and manually edited
the XF86Config file. Using "XFree86 -configure" did not generate an
editable (or understandabl) XF86Config file.

If the Xserver startx and gives a blank screen (presumably with a X curser
somewhere then it maybe that a window manager is not loaded. This happened
to me  once and I concluded that initrc or something like that wasn't read.
Didn't follow it up.

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