[plug] web page problem

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Tue Jan 4 07:51:31 WST 2000

> Hi,
> Your search was just unlucky. I am suprised that the command wasn't automatic
> ly
> restarted by the database.
> What happens with deadlocks is something like this. Firstly you have 2 or mor
> e
> threads and they all can share locks.
> * Process One grabs lock A
> * Process Two grabs lock B
> * Process Two grabs lock A and has to wait for process one to finish with it.
> * Process One grabs lock B and has to wait for process two to finish with it.
> At this point, both processes are waiting for each other indefinitly, which i
> s
> what we computer people call a deadlock. Deadlocks are bad. Databases will
> always look out for deadlock conditions, either by detecting or preventing
> them. MS SQL appears to detect when deadlocks occur. In your case the sql
> server detected a deadlock between your request and some other request, and
> decided it should about your request so the other request finishes.
> I wouldn't worry too much about it, just run whatever you were doing again, a
> nd
> it should work. The browser you use should make no difference

It would be a good idea to report it to the site's webmaster; it's possible
1	Nobody's reading the logs
2	The application design is suboptimal.

John Summerfield
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