[plug] Flash ROMS for Abit Mainbords (BH6)

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Wed Jan 5 08:51:26 WST 2000

> Hi ya all,
> Wanting to get some long overdues work done on my Home PC i decided to
> do a flash upgrade of my BIOS in order to sort out some ATA66 issues I
> was having (Hot Rod add in card). The long and the short of it is that
> after doing the bios upgrade I rebooted my machine and discoverd that it
> was nbo longer working. It appears that in my haste I had downloaded the
> wrond BIOS updates (BX6) and flashed that on to my chip (stuppid I
> know).
> >From what I have read I believe I can get around the problem by
> replacing the flash ROM with one that does have the correct BIOS. Does
> anyone know where I could possibly get a replacement ROM from ? I know
> this is not totally Linux related but we usually do this sort of theiong
> becuase we are linux bods (and I suppose human as well). Or any other
> alternatives ????

So long as you've maintained power, you can recover by flashing back the 
old one (you DID back it up?) or by simply flashing the right one.

If you mention to Abit what a twit you've been, perhaps they will change 
their flash program to make it more twit-proof; presumably it could check 
that the BIOS is compatible with the target.

John Summerfield
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