[plug] Flash ROMS for Abit Mainbords (BH6)

Jamie moir at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 5 01:00:30 WST 2000

> >From what I have read I believe I can get around the problem by
> replacing the flash ROM with one that does have the correct BIOS. Does
> anyone know where I could possibly get a replacement ROM from ? I know
> this is not totally Linux related but we usually do this sort of theiong
> becuase we are linux bods (and I suppose human as well). Or any other
> alternatives ????

you can also apparently boot another mboard the same model, then pull
the bios chip out hot, plug the fritzed on in, then flash it again --
sounds spooky and ive never done it but i have been forced to hot plug
the prom in a sparc a couple of times and its *fine*


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