[plug] What are the real differences between Linux and FreeBSD?

Steve Grasso steveg at calm.wa.gov.au
Fri Jan 7 10:10:17 WST 2000

>I've heard all the opinions, but does anybody have an objective list of 
>differences between Linux and FreeBSD?

There's a (somewhat) objective list of differences at the beginning of Greg 
Lehey's book "The Complete FreeBSD". I understand Greg, who lives in 
Australia and is considered to be a world authority on FreeBSD, is not 
adverse to Linux BTW. You could ask him yourself about differences, he's 
pretty approachable: grog at lemis.com

Or you could make your own assessment. Perhaps you could start with:



BTW, I use both Linux and FreeBSD, depending on the application, though I'm 
nowhere near expert with either (as is self evident more times than I prefer!).


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