[plug] What are the real differences between Linux and FreeBSD?

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Fri Jan 7 08:52:56 WST 2000

> I've heard all the opinions, but does anybody have an objective list of diffe
> rences between Linux and FreeBSD?

Not sure hw helpful this is, but.

FreeBSD is based on Unix from University of California, Berkeley & (I 
presume) San Diego whereas Linux was written from scratch (but does 
include code frm other sources including BSD).

Unix forked at some stage and so we have BSD and System V strains which 
have differences in some areas such as signal handling, file locking & IPC 
The result is that many programs written to one API don't work on the 
other system.

Linux borrows from both. However, there is a standard (or set of 
standards) called POSIX which Linux mostly meets and so (I understand) to 
recent incataions of the others.

Close cousins of FreeBSD include OpenBSD and 386BSD.

Linux is about as much Unix as an Athlon is a Pentium III.

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