[plug] What are the real differences between Linux and FreeBSD?

Neil Gerace geracen at wantree.com.au
Sun Jan 9 21:08:36 WST 2000

From: John Summerfield <summer at os2.ami.com.au>
To: <plug at linux.org.au>

> Not sure hw helpful this is, but.
> FreeBSD is based on Unix from University of California, Berkeley & (I
> presume) San Diego whereas Linux was written from scratch (but does
> include code frm other sources including BSD).

BSD = Berkeley Standard Distribution.

My first experience with UNIX was on swanee.oz in 1987 at UWA. It ran
4.2BSD. (In those days .oz stood for Australia and there was no need for
.com.oz etc).

Then at TAFE on watafe.edu.au they had SysV which differed from the user end
in that some of the commands were different from BSD UNIX. For example shell
scripts had to be translated and there was no less(1) command under BSD.
That's what I remember.


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