[plug] Quakeathon - Real Soon Now - get heard TODAY!

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Sun Jan 9 19:17:22 WST 2000

> I'm interested! If it's the 23rd, I will be on Leave, which'll make things
> easier...
> Are there further details (I haven't been to a PLUG-organised one before)? 
> Venue? 
Spices' place (his work, in qv1 - exact details to be provided later)
> Cost?
nil afaik, if anything it would only be marginal (few bucks)

> What's required to bring? 
a computer, monitor and all that junk. Having a functional network card
with a UTP socket on it is helpful but not a must have (if you dont have a
network card you _must_ arrange with someone else to borrow one or

> What games are on the Menu?
Anything you like, linux or windows (if your prepared to be laughed at :)
Most popular last few times has been quakeworld, and q2 (and q3 this time
I suspect). Anything networkable can be played if you can find someone to
play against.
We should have access to spice's waix link also, which means you can play
on any of the waix game servers (axg, wantree, iinet, networx, pulsat,
omen etc...) with very good pings, this is to be confirmed.

If I got anything wrong I'm sure someone will shoot me.


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