[plug] Quakeathon

Leon Brooks leonb at bounce.networx.net.au
Mon Jan 10 11:17:59 WST 2000

Trevor Phillips wrote:

> Are there further details (I haven't been to a PLUG-organised one before)?

AFAIK, there has only ever been one before, on Balcatta.

> Venue?

15th floor of QV.1 - easy access to elevators is in principle available
but I'll have to confirm that.

> Cost?

None mentioned so far. We might consider something like $5 a head
(bodies extra, disk drives free) to cover drinks and nibblies and to
encourage our host.

> What's required to bring?

*Working* computer, screen, keyboard, pointing device, network card,
cable. Extras like power boards and little hubs are a good idea iof

> What games are on the Menu?

Whatever you bring.

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