[plug] Hardware Recommendations??

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Mon Jan 10 11:30:16 WST 2000

Can anyone recommend a good local supplier of quality PC's for servers? We put
in a proposal for two Deam Boxes (Dell Quad Xeon's, about $70k for two), and
now we have to suggest cheaper alternatives. ^_^

Cost is an issue, but we're not talking Shoestring (like Dual Celeron);
Hopefully we should be able to get about $20-$30k for two servers.
Features we're after include:
  - SMP - At least Dual PIII. Am thinking Dual Coppermine PIII.
  - Hardware RAID (mirrored).
  - Hardware Support Agreement (pref. on-site)
  - Redundant Power Supplies

The two servers will primarily be webservers, including DB's, search engines,
and other related utilities, running Debian. The duplication is intended that
if one has a fault, or needs upgrading, the other can easily carry all the load
till the first is repaired.

So, who do people recommend to supply hardware like this? Is there anyone other
than Dell? Any info on peoples experiences would be appreciated...

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