[plug] Hardware Recommendations??

Garth Atkinson garth at cclinic.com.au
Mon Jan 10 11:37:45 WST 2000

Hi Trevor

Ring Stott and Hoare - get pricing on IBM Netfinity 5000 series from
Mark Charlson. They are considerably cheaper that the dell pricing
below, but might exceed the 30K limit :(


Trevor Phillips wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good local supplier of quality PC's for servers? We put
> in a proposal for two Deam Boxes (Dell Quad Xeon's, about $70k for two), and
> now we have to suggest cheaper alternatives. ^_^
> Cost is an issue, but we're not talking Shoestring (like Dual Celeron);
> Hopefully we should be able to get about $20-$30k for two servers.
> Features we're after include:
>   - SMP - At least Dual PIII. Am thinking Dual Coppermine PIII.
>   - Hardware RAID (mirrored).
>   - Hardware Support Agreement (pref. on-site)
>   - Redundant Power Supplies
> The two servers will primarily be webservers, including DB's, search engines,
> and other related utilities, running Debian. The duplication is intended that
> if one has a fault, or needs upgrading, the other can easily carry all the load
> till the first is repaired.
> So, who do people recommend to supply hardware like this? Is there anyone other
> than Dell? Any info on peoples experiences would be appreciated...
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