[plug] Network Cards

Bradley Browne Brad.Browne at serco-ap.com.au
Wed Jan 12 11:28:28 WST 2000

I just realised that the append is only for drivers compiled into the
Regardless I still need the address to put in the modules config file.

Bradley Browne wrote:

> I am wondering how I can find out the base address of the two network
> cards that I have installed on my machine.  I used to have only one card
> in there and now that I want to add another I need to put
> append="something, something 0x300 " in my conf.lilo file.
> Is there any way to find out what address they are at. My machine will
> not load the modules for the first card and I don't want to have to pull
> out the other card unless I have to.
> Any ideas ?
> Brad
> P.S I have had a look at Ethernet HowTo but I am still at a loss.

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