[plug] pppd defaultroute problems

Craig Foster craig_foster at cea.net.au
Mon Jan 17 11:06:55 WST 2000

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Try 'netstat -r -n' which will not try to resolve IP's into names. If your
routing isn't working, it may be hanging waiting for your DNS to answer,
which it can't find because ...... routing isn't working.


Craig Foster
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From: Greg Raftery <GregR at scs.com.au>
To: <plug at linux.org.au>
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 12:01 PM
Subject: [plug] pppd defaultroute problems

> Hello,
> I am having some trouble establishing a permanent modem connection, and it
> seems to be a routing problem.
> I have one setup to an ISP, with dynamic IP's that works fine, giving me
> full connectivity. I can't get my other setup, which is to Telstra with
> static IP's to work. My scripts dial and authenticate ok, and the ppp0
> interface becomes active. I can ping the IP assigned to my ppp0 interface,
> but cannot ping the peer who I am dialled into.
> When I check out 'netstat -r', it doesn't return the routing table and
> hangs. If I turned off the 'defaultroute' option of pppd, 'netstat -r'
> return the routing table containing just my eth0 an lo interfaces. After
> adding the route to the peer and the default route manually, I get stuck
> with the 'netstat -r' hanging and still not being able to ping.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers
> Regards,
> Greg Raftery

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