[plug] Storm Linux 2k and Corel

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Jan 18 09:47:38 WST 2000

Michael Hunt wrote:
> I think Chris, and Gavin were pulling copies of Storm down, but I haven't
> heard anything about weather they were successfull, or had finished.

I wouldn't mind checking out this distro! Is there an ISO downloadable from
WAIX or one of the Uni's somewhere? (Alternatively, anyone at Murdoch Uni with
the CD?)

> > If anyone on plug has a chance to try out both this and Corel Linux,
> > I'd really appreciate it if you could do a comparison of the two and
> > send it to the list :).
> I think as a tech (now unemployed) that I couldn't use a distro like Corel
> as it is aimed at the user, not the type of person who wants to get under
> the hood !!!! But I am not talking from experience here having never touched
> Corel Linux version 1.0 ..... *grin*

I've looked at Corel, and still have it on my PC at home. It has a simple
installation, but at its core is Debian, but with a much changed KDE interface.
As such, you can point it at normal Debian Apt sources for upgrade, and go for
it, and convert it all over to Debian, if you eventually replace the big

The KDE enhancements are very nice; the Filemanager is similar to Windows in
that it detects all your Hard Drives, CD-ROM's, etc. Similarly, you can browse
both Microsoft and NFS Networks through the filemanager, and easily access
network resources. It really does integrate very well with a Microsoft Network
environment, if you wanted to be a Linux user in a Windows world (eg;
office/Uni environments).

Under the bonnet, there's some clever stuff (I like their GUI LILO! Is that
standard?), although it tends to be rather cryptic and non-intuitive. Things
like the auto-assigned mount points for drives, where I'd usually manually make
mount points that make more sense to me...

Corel actually have their own FTP site which is apt-pointable, but it's full
99% of the time, so currently pretty useless.

All in all, I hope some of the Corel stuff seeps back into KDE (can't wait for
KDE2!!), but I'd tend to stick to normal Debian. I'll probably visit Corel
again later on.

> I am very interested in Storm because it is based on Debian and has the goal
> of making it easier to install and administer. Basically it is still aimed
> at the Tech market wanting "enhanced" Debian distro. It seems to me that
> Storm is to Debian, what Mandrake is to RedHat one and the same but the
> former taking time to improve on the latter's shortcomings.

I haven't used Storm (hence my interest); How well does it integrate back to
the normal Debian resources? Can you use the apt sources, without losing the
additional Storm goodness??

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