[plug] Storm Linux 2k and Corel

Christian christian at global.net.au
Tue Jan 18 09:57:44 WST 2000

Trevor Phillips wrote:
> I've looked at Corel, and still have it on my PC at home. It has a simple
> installation, but at its core is Debian, but with a much changed KDE interface.
> As such, you can point it at normal Debian Apt sources for upgrade, and go for
> it, and convert it all over to Debian, if you eventually replace the big
> changes.
> Corel actually have their own FTP site which is apt-pointable, but it's full
> 99% of the time, so currently pretty useless.

Do you think that any Debian-based distribution will have the
resources/time/effort to maintain a proper set of archives the way the
Debian project does?  To me anyway it seems fairly unlikely that they
would maintain this sort of thing for free... While they could always
just use the Debian packages as a starting point, in the end they might
have to expend quite some effort to ensure these don't conflict with
their own changes.  Therefore it seems to me that these Debian-based
distributions are not much more than a toy (and, hopefully, a source of
some interesting enhancements that can be integrated back into Debian
and other distributions) to get more new users exposed to the Debian way
of doing things.



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