[plug] Storm Linux 2k and Corel

Christian christian at global.net.au
Tue Jan 18 11:16:59 WST 2000

Nick Bannon wrote:

> "Well, if they haven't changed much, why bother?"
> 1. I suspect that it's to provide a supportable environment to which they
> can point and say "Look - Corel applications (well WordPerfect at least)
> work perfectly there".

WordPerfect works perfectly on my Debian box too. :-)  (But I definitely
take your point and it's a valid one.)

> 2. The decisions they've made for ease-of-use and easy default
> installations seem to have been very well targeted. Corel Linux has been
> fairly widely acclaimed on those points and it's amazing what a little
> gloss can do on a solid foundation like Debian. They're not the tradeoffs
> the rest of the Debian community is going for - they won't accept such a
> "high" minimum spec for machines, or going wholeheartedly into KDE.
> That's a good thing. A GUI front end for dselect or dpkg is all well and
> good - essential perhaps for a commercial release, and clamoured for
> for so long. If that and that alone was what we got, we wouldn't have
> the wonder that is APT and now debconf. Now Corel, etc can take _that_
> and build on it, while the rest of the Debian project works on.
> We'll see how they track the potato release, I guess.

I pretty much agree with this too.  I guess that's sort of what I was
saying: Corel Linux (et al.) aren't really for the serious Debian user;
they may have nice GUIs and the advantage of support but the real
advantage of Debian to, I think, most non-newbie Linux users is the
really solid package management infrastructure and these commercial
distributions simply won't be able to keep up with this.



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