[plug] quakeathon and quakes

Jamie moir at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 19 18:46:27 WST 2000

well in preparation for the quakeathon ive been setting up the various
quakes with some less than exciting effects and results

first off, are their any mods that people want to play particularly so i
can get and install the first?

secondly whilst i can get glx happening with q2 & the q3 demo im not
able to change video modes and q3 and the module arent playing correctly ...

q2 locks and centres the mouse and also bizzarely after i have gotten
into the menu i cant do it again, it just plays the demo and spews when
i attempt to alter the video mode but actually runs w/glx fine just in a
little window on the desktop :(

i can provide more detail id just rather not spam the list outright with
the lot in one go :)


[some details]
glx & newgart modules as per yesterday's cvs :)
testgart is *fine* no errors
xfree 3.3.6
g400 card
the matrox boxes stay white and the bar never gets half way past ...

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