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John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Sat Jan 22 04:55:59 WST 2000

> navarre at omen.net.au wrote:
> > 1) Text based email client. I have tried Mutt and currently using Elm
> >    and find these lacking in many of the features in use in DOS and
> >    Windows email readers. Most imporant are mail lists and the ability
> >    to save you owb outgoing mail.
> I don't use either elm or mutt but I would have thought they would
> support the ability to save outgoing mail... (actual users of these
> programs can suggest more).  As for "mailing lists", I'm not sure what
> you mean.  If you mean mailing list filtering then you want procmail. 
> If you mean managing large mailing lists then you want majordomo.  If

or smartlist (which uses procmail)

> > 3) I have fetchmail working fine as a daemon but its startup is manual,
> >    where in the startup is the recommended place to invoke fetchmail.

I start fetchmail in /etc/ppp/ip-up.local which is run (indirectly) by ppp 
when I go online, & take it down in /etc/ppp/ip-down.local

Note: Despite it's author's best efforts, I have managed to get two copies 
of fetchmail running concurrently; consequently I now take it down in 
/etc/ppp/ip-up.local "just in case" and then start it.

The latest version recognises when its configuration file has been changed 
and reprocesses it automatically. The latest version almost always works 
better than any previous version.

John Summerfield
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