[plug] APT-Proxy/Debian package sharing

Christian christian at global.net.au
Tue Jan 25 17:20:20 WST 2000

Peter Wright wrote:

> My housemate achieves this with no problems (that I know of) using
> squid. One machine runs squid and caches the files as they are
> apt-got... the others will then get them from the proxy cache when
> they run apt-get install/upgrade/whatever.
> Is there any reason that this solution wouldn't work for you?

I suppose it could work but it relies on the files not being flushed
from the cache in between being used.  For example, I upgrade one
machine with some new unstable packages -- I'll probably want to use
that for a couple of days or so at least to make sure that they don't
break anything.  In between that time squid may very well flush them
from the cache. :(

I'll probably go back and have another look at apt-proxy and see if I
can't work out what's going wrong.  Unfortunately it's a shell script
and shell scripting has never been my forte (I was introduced to Perl
and it forever corrupted my mind against shell scripts...)

Thanks for the suggestion anyway. :)


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