[plug] Arguing on list (round 2: ding-ding)

skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Sun Jan 30 08:27:21 WST 2000

At 00:50 30/01/00 +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:

>I disagree. It means a venting-place so people still talk to each other,
>and so that data will not be lost as people are artificially polite to
>each other. There's nothing to stop you from reading both lists, but
>potentially sensitive newbies don't get bothered by (to them) useless

I'm going to disagree with your disagreement ;).  I've seen the two list
option (one essentially for newbies or the TEA, and one for the hardcore)
tried many times and I've yet to see it work as well as one list with a
little self-moderation.  Either one or both lists die.

I believe heated debate can be of great use, and not to mention highly
entertaining at times ;).  Just as long as it doesn't get too personal.

>I'd prefer a separate writeable-by-committee-only low-traffic
>announcements list. There are people who care little for email traffic
>but want to know when something important happens. Call it coreplug or
>antennaplug or something like that.

Good idea.

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