[plug] Problem Solved

Paul Baumgarten paul at kcc.wa.edu.au
Mon Jan 31 07:02:26 WST 2000

Thanks to everyone for your responses.

I had suspected the problem smelled like a DNS thing, but it had seemed to
be working OK, plus I had been using IP's instead of machine names for that
very reason... What I had completely forgotten about was my reverse lookups.
Anyway... I fixed up my reverse lookup tables and everything is A-OK.

Thanks again for the quick responses.

Paul Baumgarten (email: paul at kcc.wa.edu.au)
Information Systems Manager
Kingsway Christian College
157 Kingsway, Landsdale, WA, 6065
Ph: +61 8 9409 7078
Fx: +61 8 9409 6179

>G'day all...
>I have a bit of a weird problem occuring when attempting to access services
>from my RH6.0 Servers.  It appears as if it takes the network over 30secs
>establish connections or whatever between two machines.
>For example.  Server/Workstation A launches a telnet client to access
>B.  I would be looking at a blank telnet session for over 30secs before the
>login prompt arrives.

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