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Christian christian at global.net.au
Mon Jan 31 09:05:09 WST 2000

Leon Brooks wrote:
> > I never said it was bad!
> Not _said_, just hinted and implied - hairsplitter! :-P


> > In fact, in the piece of my email that you just quoted I
> > actually explicitly said that "bad" would not be a correct
> > way to describe it!
> Not _quite_ bad, is the essence of what you said. But don't fall over
> yourself temporising, we all know that you meant to say "bad" without
> actually committing yourself. (-:

I don't really want to get into this but...  Perhaps I am a hairsplitter
but I guess like accuracy... :-)  To clearly paraphrase and summarise
myself: I'm not saying it's "bad", just that there are usually better
options that I encourage people to explore.  If I meant to say that it
was bad then I would have plainly said so -- I have no fear of
commitment. :-)



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