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Shane Spina shane at digiturbo.com.au
Wed Nov 29 12:35:04 WST 2000

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From: Matt Kemner <zombie at wasp.net.au>
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> On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Shane Spina wrote:
> > Debian 2.2 and i have tried using pon and DialModem to connect as well
> > as MiniCom.  i get a connection with minicom but when i execute pppd
> > from the shell prompt it doesn't actually "do" anything ie i cannot get
> > access to the "world",
> Are you starting pppd on the local end as well?

Yes i have executed pppd on both sides.. local i got about 4 lines of
garbage code ... remote 1 line of garbage

> What options are you giving pppd on the local end?

default execpt for dns
> Have you managed to get it to work with DialModem?

DialModem gives me an error and disconnects .. error mesg is something like
"recieved serial link is not 8-bit clean" "problem all 7 bits set to zero"

> When you say you can not access the world, can you:
> ping the IP address of the dialin server?
> ping the name of the dialin server?
> ping the IP address of a remote site?
> ping the name of a remote site?

none of the above
>  - Matt

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