[plug] Editor choices: the keys to the matter

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Sun Oct 1 11:26:19 WST 2000

Jason Nicholls wrote:
>> And before you complain about using CTRL or ALT, think about how many times
>> you have used SHIFT, right next to both of those keys in your original post.

> SHIFT is out to the side, but more accessible. Just try it, position your
> fingers on the "home" keys and see the difference in effort to SHIFT or the
> CTRL/ALT keys.

YMMV, especially on laptops, where idiot (hate, kill, froth, froth) keyboard
designers will do things like shortening Shift and/or Ctrl to make room for
things like a ``Fn'' key - but also including *two* ``\ |'' keys - and only the
less reachable of the two actually _produces_ a backslash or pipe character when
struck. Meanwhile, all of the keys that ``Fn'' is actually used with are clear
across the keyboard (d'oh). And just try finding the Escape key, I dare you...
Mitac. Bleugh (hawk, spit). But others do similar silly things. I suspect
keyboards are atrophying, and it must be all Microsoft's fault because evrything
else is. (-:

Windows, n: A tax on computer illiteracy administered by Microsoft

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