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John Breen jbreen at wn.com.au
Thu Oct 5 14:37:03 WST 2000

I wrote...

>2.  (On the other Linux box...) I use this box to fetch my mail from
>my ISP (via fetchmail).  When I (from my Winblows box) try to pop my
>mail from the Linux box, nothing seems to happen.  Looking in the
>logs reveals that inetd is trying to call ipop3d (well, duh...),
>which isn't there.  What gives?  I thought installing inetd installed
>all these helper apps??  If not, can anyone tell me which rpm I might
>find it in?

In some ways I hate it when this happens.  A quick look at
http://rpmfind.net found what I was looking for here - the rpm I need
is imap-4.7-5.i386.rpm

If you haven't already checked it out (rpmfind.net), it might me
worth a look, specially if you run Redhat or Mandrake.


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