[plug] A couple of questions...

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Thu Oct 5 15:06:34 WST 2000

John Breen wrote:
> 1.  I have just installed a new system via ftp from my existing
> machine.  The install found my Etherlink III card with no worries and
> the FTP install all went according to plan.  When I reboot, the
> network card doesn't get set up, so I can't see any other machines on
> the network.  Any ideas, anyone?

In many installers, the install-time ethernet config is not kept at runtime
(Mandrake asks near the end of the install, and accepts new values if the
runtime config is to be different). Which distro are you using?

> 2.  (On the other Linux box...) I use this box to fetch my mail from
> my ISP (via fetchmail).  When I (from my Winblows box) try to pop my
> mail from the Linux box, nothing seems to happen.  Looking in the
> logs reveals that inetd is trying to call ipop3d (well, duh...),
> which isn't there.  What gives?  I thought installing inetd installed
> all these helper apps??  If not, can anyone tell me which rpm I might
> find it in?

    ls *pop*.rpm

Failing that, try postfix or sendmail, in that order.

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