[plug] ppp dialup problems

David Griffiths griffith at environ.wa.gov.au
Tue Oct 17 15:08:29 WST 2000

>It is definitely plugged into the correct serial port, because
>when I activate the connection the "TR" light on the modem goes
>on. When I deactivate the connection the light goes off. Running
>minicom also toggles the light. I have no idea what the "TR"
>light means since my manual seems to have gone missing.
>It is possible that I have a hardware fault in either the
>modem or the serial connection. This is an old system and it
>has recently crossed the nullabor in a seatainer.

Bruce, TR usually stands for Terminal Ready. If you haven't done it
already, your best bet would be to do some more tests with minicom first,
to prove that it's not a modem problem, eg typing in some AT commands by



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