[plug] ppp dialup problems

Russell Steicke r.steicke at bom.gov.au
Tue Oct 17 18:29:38 WST 2000

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 03:20:11PM +0800, Steve Baker wrote:
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> The ATZ resets the modem to the defaults, AT&W writes the current settings
> as defaults.  Make sure they are all set how you want them.

ATZ resets the modem to the state saved by the last AT&W.  To reset to the
_real_ factory defaults, use AT&F.  The factory defaults usually include
echo turned on, and results returned in verbose mode (ie it says OK
instead of 0 in reply to most things.)  The factory defaults are usually
quite sane, in my experience.  The only exception is whether the modem
will answer incoming calls.  (ATS0? will tell you.)

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