[plug] 6326 OpenGl drivers

Thomas, Andre thomasa at wa.switch.aust.com
Mon Oct 23 13:01:47 WST 2000


>Carl Gherardi wrote:
>> I'm having some major problems trying to find any OpenGl drivers for
>> Sis 6326 chipset.
>SiS cards suck. Use something else.

Thats the path I am taking.

>> I know a couple of people out there have problems with this chipset
>> before, so.. any hints?
>XFree86 V4.0* works on SiS6326, and the GL support (such as it is)
through Mesa
>seems to be fine, although not fast.

Not fast is the word for it.

>How do I set my laser printer on stun?

If it's not in the printer configuation tool, try simply dangling a few
loose wires, preferably live ones, from it.

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