[plug] Intel Express Pro 10 settings

Phillip Steege psteege at tpg.com.au
Mon Oct 23 14:55:23 WST 2000

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> It has a DOS-based setup program. 0x200 (!) will often work. Try this (not
on a
> production machine, as it may freeze up - unless you;re running ReiserFS,
> everything readonly for the test and do a sync):

Thanks to everyone who offered help.  I got it working under RedHat and then
decided to go back to my Mandrake 7.1 and went out and got a PCI NIC (AOpen
(Realtek 8139)) for $35.00 and Mandrake 7.1 autoconfigured it on startup.

It was good to learn how to do it with an ISA card though.


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