[plug] X cursor when switching from console

Colin Muller colin at durbanet.co.za
Wed Oct 25 10:24:27 WST 2000

I vaguely remember talk of gpm under some circumstances causing the
mouse pointer to stick within a range of pixels at the top right under X
- a range which is the number of pixels wide that the console is
characters wide, something like that. A search on dejanews for:
gpm "top right" stuck 
brings up a posting full of things to try (this URL will probably be too
long to be clickable - copy and paste it):



Anthony Jones wrote:
> Hi guys,
> What version of gpm are you using ?
> I had a similar problem using gpm 1.18,
> however an upgrade to gpm 1.19.3 fixed the problem,
> (as well as a number of security issues allowing
> users to gain root access on the system).
> You can get it from aarnet's tucows mirror :
> http://aarnet.linux.tucows.com/conhtml/adnload/8294_1565.html

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