[plug] something fishy about this hard drive

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Fri Oct 27 08:41:52 WST 2000

Anthony Jones wrote:
> Also to note, I'm running reiserfs on it .. perhaps it's a filesystem
> issue ?

Definitely not. This issue first appears when fdisk first touched the disk,
regardless of what kind of partitions one is making.

"NIS+, aka 'NIS on Steriods whose Face Nobody is Ever Going to Kick
Sand in Again,' is designed to correct the deficiencies of NIS and
introduce deficiencies of its own. ...It's a distributed database
_and_ a dessert topping; it sings, it dances, it leaps capital T
in a single bound." -- "UNIX System Administration Handbook, 2nd ed."

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