[plug] Pretty Printer

BillK billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Oct 29 12:03:58 WST 2000

Peter Wright wrote:

> You mentioned gvim in your first post, so I'll assume you've got a
> working copy....
Thanks, I use gvim a lot, so will investigate this option.  Colour
printing works well under linux - comes down to the choice of driver. 
Even the windoze machines which print to my Linux box produce excellent
colour prints using the network printer option.


> In the more recent versions of gvim, there is in fact a very nice menu
> option which will produce a html file from the current buffer, using
> <font> tags to highlight the text with the appropriate colour. You can
> then save the file and open it up in a GUI browser (netscrape, etc.)
> .... from which you may be able to print colour. For example:

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