[plug] Fw: Dialin Server

Squirrel squirrel at emerge.net.au
Tue Apr 10 19:42:01 WST 2001

 Hi all I have a small problem that I have not been able to resolve.
I have a p100 set up as a internet server for my windos comps Redhat 6.1
 All machines have good internet access
I have 2 Identical 56k modems.
 have 1 permanet ip-no
 I have set up mgetty and AUTO PPP to accept a incomeing call on ttyS2 wich
 works fine it answers and assigns a ip no to the incomeing
 When I look at the route table is there on ppp1
 Now the problem is once the connection is established I can ping the
 remote machine i.e
and I can ping the server the pings are about 140.00 ms which is
 okay but the server seems to go to sleep or something because although the
 pings are returned there is a 50% loss and a huge delay between each ping
 makes it unusable.
 I can connect to my Linux server via another internet connection and there
 is no problem
 I have only 1 eithernet card in the server
 with 2 modems 1 in 1 out
 It is like the process is going to sleep and only wakes up every now and
 Im sorry I dont know of any other way to explain this.
 Thank you.

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