[plug] Agenda VR3

Christian christian at amnet.net.au
Wed Apr 18 11:45:04 WST 2001

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 08:56:28AM +0800, Simon Scott wrote:
> It retains the time :) 

Always useful. ;-)

> Hand writing recog isnt too bad, not far from graffitti, but it continues to
> be a little difficult to use sometimes as it seems to want to interpret some
> strokes as mouse movements. Some of the letters/symbols are a little hard to
> obtain, but you get used to it. The speed of the HWR is good now, I wouldnt
> expect it to be much faster, but supposedly they are still addressing HWR
> speed as #1 priority. But overall it appears that I was a little premature
> with HWR, and it just takes a little getting used to.

How does it differentiate at all between handwriting strokes and "mouse"
movements?  I assume it is screen and application context?

> The reason you would want to telnet into the unit is to do maintenance and
> also to use rsync to move files between the unit and workstation. Ive set up
> some scripts so I can remotely edit a file, it will rsync, edit, then rsync
> back. The unit has ash and bash, so obviously I use bash :) There are
> already syncing apps appearing between the vr3 and assorted desktop apps.

The major problem with using rsync this way seems to be that it isn't
"record aware" so naturally this would reduce its efficiency.

> I dont really see the point of apache on pdas myself, but I suppose it falls
> into the realm of 'a cool hack'. Along the same lines as the ftpd and nfsd
> on the vr3... a little pointless really.

The point of the web server on the Palm (not Apache) was, apart from
being a cool hack, to provide a simple interface for moving whole/single
files back and forward between the device.

> Oh, ive managed to crash the unit twice since Ive had it. Hopefully the
> stability will improve as the one device I would expect never to crash is a
> PDA.

Let alone a PDA running Linux! ;-) 

DSA 0x0EC1D28C: BBCB 0D79 4EBB 078A A066  7267 8BED E9D6 0EC1 D28C

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