[plug] MS Curriculum at schools and TAFEs ...

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 22 18:49:55 WST 2001

Actually does quite a good job.  My only real beef is it is not easy to
print multiple slides on one page and trying to stop it printing
backgrounds required deleting them so only the text was left!  I
produced a couple of different presentations, one of which bounced
between a few of us (I was the only Linux/Staroffice) user, and only the
bullets proved to be a problem.  In reality, most presentations are just
controllable slide shows.


> >
> > I thought star office could handle Power Point (at least 97).  I haven't
> > tried it tho.
> Probably can actually.  But PowerPoint presentations are so ugly and
> bloated it's positively evil to use them even we StarOffice can read
> them!
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