[plug] MS Curriculum at schools and TAFEs ...

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 22 19:42:57 WST 2001

xpdf handled the password ok, ghostscript viewers couldnt.  Also the
real acrobat wouldnt print, once I got past the display problems!

> I think the password protection would be a problem (it uses the password
> as a key to encrypt the contents of the PDF file), but all of the "copy
> protection" stuff consists only of flags in the file which tells the
> reader software what it should and shouldn't let the user do. Adobe
> Acrobat, naturally, complies with the directives in the file, and so does
> Xpdf. GNU Ghostscript, however, doesn't.
> --
> Andrew Francis
> locust at iinet.net.au

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