[plug] Open Office (and Excel)

Mark marks at omninet.net.au
Sun Jul 8 17:33:07 WST 2001

Leon Brooks wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> > It will also open those enormous crapy excl price lists on offer from
> > many of the Perth computer hardware wholesalers at the moment that
> > SO5.2 chokes on.
> xl2html is your friend. Usually.
> I've never had much problem with DMA's monster price lists (with
> graphics!) in SO 5.2 other than it being bog slow, but I guess it's the
> same in Excel unless you happen to be a hardware wholesaler and run at
> least 1/2GB of RAM in every desktop.

Hmm does this mean you can open DMA pricelists with SO5.2 straight up or
do you massage them with
xl2html/xml first?


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