[plug] Weird keyboard, laptop, Mandake 8.0

Alan Graham alan.graham at infonetsystems.com.au
Fri Jun 1 09:06:25 WST 2001

This is a perl script, which looks like it's used to load the mappings
using setxkbmap.  I would imagine that I would need to (possibly?)
modify the map itself?

The reason I sound unsure is that the keyboard works fine logged in as
root, or as alan using kde.  So I suspect that the problem lies with the
wrong map being used,  rather than the map used having errors.

Thanks anyway


On 31 May 2001 19:39:31 +0800, alan howard wrote:
> hi alan
> you could see and possibly edit /usr/sbin/kbdconfig to change your settings
> just a thought
> rgds
> alan howard
> On Friday 01 June 2001 07:04, Alan Graham wrote:
> > I chose US (international) first.  When I initially built it, I had the
> > problem both in KDE and Gnome.  I changed the setting to US in
> > harddrake, which fixed it in KDE, but in gnome, the problem's still
> > there.  I've flicked between US and international a few times while in
> > gnome, to no affect.  I think I'm going to have to log in to KDE as me,
> > rename the .gnome directories, and then log into gnome again.  I'm
> > hoping that this will build me new gnome settings, with the 'correct'
> > keyboard mappings.  Then I'll just have to play around with my settings
> > to get things back to the way I like them.
> >
> > Apologies if there are any words missing 'r's, I'm putting them in with
> > the middle button.  It's a real pain when I forget, and want to copy
> > something else!  :-)
> >
> > Alan
> >
> > 

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