[plug] dhcpd config

Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Fri Jun 1 10:01:09 WST 2001

	This is actually an interesting point.

	If both subnets are on the one interface, then the only way I can
think of doing would be to explicitly declare the mac address - ip pair in
the conf file for every machine.

	If they are on seperate interfaces, quite possibly you would have to
run two copies of dhcpd with 2 conf files.

	The 2 ip-addresses/1 interface problem is that only one ip should
(can?) respond to any ethernet broadcasts. At that point, the client machine
is not on any subnet, so dhcp wouldnt have a clue which it belonged to
without explicitly declaring it. You are basically left with what bootp is.

	Anyone else have thoughts? Id never really thought about this until

	A friend here reckons that since each subnet has its own router, you
can setup dhcp-forwarding on each router so that dhcpd knows which 'subnet'
the broadcast comes from. This appears to be the MS way of doing it, and may
or may not apply to unix.

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	hello there,

	has anyone got a copy of a dhcpd.config file I could view.
	I am trying to setup a number of subnets
	eg 192.168.31.
	using a netmask of
	I have one subnet dishing out ip's ok based on mac address's but
	when I declare another subnet in the dhcpd.conf file
	she no work


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