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	OH god, somebody kill me please

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	On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 01:22:17PM +0800, Simon Scott wrote:
	> 	Interesting. Im with bigpuddle and Ive never touch chap

	the rp-pppoe install script does all this stuff for you.

	> 	Another problem Ive been having is that pppoe refuses to
	> 99/100. If I flood the link with connection requests, sooner or
later it
	> will connect.

	I had some major outages a week back. got about 36hrs worth from 7
days. The
	story went like this:

		1. telstra terminate the session (for whatever reason)
		2. no more network activity

	Next up I ring Telstra to find out what's going on. Although I
explain what
	the situation is, they don't believe you and won't go any further
	you're using windows.  So a reboot and some 40mins later they
believe you
	and escalate the problem.

	It gets fixed by resetting the tunnel. Some hours later repeat. It
	turned out to be something a little extra weird for me because the
	ended up being to switch the port at the exchange I was on. BTW this
	about a month of no-problem access. Don't know why it just started

	Note the time between escalating and the tunnel being reset is
approx 2
	working days.

	> 	My brother (who is in the know) reckons that they constantly
	> problems and have to reset the 'tunnel' when this happens, altho
	> windows clients they never connect because they cant start enough
	> instances to flood the link. Unfortunately, since Im on Linux,
	> refuse to escalate the problem even though I am telling them
exactly what
	> the problem is (to a greater degree than a windows user could).

	lol, sounds like my situation. I didn't know about flooding the link
	connection requests, how do you do that?

	> 	I asked the guy when Linux would be supported, and basically
	> told 'never'.


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