[plug] firewalls on 486

Phil Steege psteege at tpg.com.au
Sat Jun 2 04:43:36 WST 2001

nmap is another good port scanner that comes with most linux distributions.

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From: alan howard <alanh at wn.com.au>
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Date: Friday, 1 June 2001 11:14
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>search on gogle for " shields up " . it checks common ports and other
>exploits - mainly windows. basically it told me that i was more secure than
>most runnning windows.
>alan howard
>On Friday 01 June 2001 17:10, Michael Hunt wrote:
>> > Either run a portscan from an external machine, or use netstat
>> > (?memory error?) to check which ports are open
>> >
>> > Make sure the only ports you have open are for services you want
>> > external people to use, and keep the software up to date especially for
>> > those services.
>> There are also a few port scanning services available on the web that can
>> give you a run down on what is open and weather you still have any known
>> exploits. I used to use one with testing out windows firewalls but I cant
>> remember the name and I am not sure if it was only windows specific. Do a
>> goggle search and if you come up with something let us now.
>> Michael Hunt

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